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- Environmental Consultant Company Registration No. 359-A with Ministry of Finance

- Registered Company Permit No. 27/2558 for EIA Preparation from ONEP, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

- Registered Analytical Service Laboratory No. Vor-236 with DIW, Ministry of Industry

- Accredited Certificate of Laboratory Quality Management System TIS 17025-2548 (ISO/IEC 17025:2005)

- Registered Plant Controller Company No. Bor 123-48-013 for Pollution treatment System from DIW, Ministry of Industry

- Registered Consultant Company No. RSS 004-57-0426 and RSS 004-57-0383 with Department of Public Welfare and Labor Protection, Ministry of Labor for certifying monitoring report on working environment of establishments in accordance with Ministerial Regulation regarding occupational health and safety, and working environment on heat, light and noise.

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