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About us



           Founded in 1995, TET was initially a private firm providing consultancy service aimed at environmental quality monitoring undertaking to private factory operators. Before long with a steady and continual pace of corporate development, TET emerges in   wider ranges  of monitoring service in response to clients’ need and growing public concerns and awareness on environmental damages and consequences;  comprising  registered  state - of - the - art analytical laboratory particularly for  handling water,  wastewater and polluted air samples; environmental quality sampling and testing for in-plant, in-situ and off-site services; performance monitoring and audit of EIA-compliant mitigation measures  for project  developers and operators; environmental impact assessment preparation service, and relevant environmental planning and management study projects for private sector and state agencies.


            In this regard, TET is strongly committed in rendering high quality, prompt and punctual services to fulfill clients’ maximum satisfaction with furnished up-to-date and efficient equipment and supported by TET’s well-trained teamwork and competent personnel of more than 150.






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